Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day 271

Since Chandni is out of town for the rest of the week, we all are pulling together to help out on whichever days we can. Today was covered by Giselle. She went to American Cancer Society Hope Lodge, a place which offers cancer patients and their caregivers a free, temporary place to stay. Here's how it went:

Okay so today was my first volunteering day there. I met Kayla and Eli. We helped check out two of the cancer patients. One of the ladies was going home 6 hrs away past Macon. The other gentleman was there for six weeks and finishes his treatment tomorrow. He graduates tomorrow and plans to move to Atlanta. He expressed how much the Hope Lodge had become his home through his treatments. He said he would miss it and would be back for the reunion in April.

I put up a weekly calendar of dinners and lunches that were being donated this week by Georgia power. They really have a need for people sponsoring dinners and donations there.

They were also having a Hope Lodge fundraiser where they were selling items kind of like a yard sale and raising money for the old wing to be remodeled. They have raised a little over $1,500.00 and still have to reach $3,000. Last year they raised $2,500 and hope to reach that.

The lodge is like a family. Barbara and Kimberly, the staff on site, knew everyone. They said next week Joe is graduating and, "to have your tears ready." She said everyone had given up on him but himself and now he is graduating which means he is done with his treatments. I hope to be there next week and be able to take pictures of this occasion.

Again, none of this would have come about without my grand father. When I came to Dona about doing my Hope Lodge Fundraiser, I felt so selfish. Only because my grandfather had cancer and stayed at the Hope Lodge. I wanted to give back. I look back now and think if this wouldn't have happened then I wouldn't be helping the future guests at the Hope Lodge. You have to start some where.

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