Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day 250

Another SafeHouse evening. And another cold day...hope you guys are able to donate warm clothes and blankets :)

Today's theme for conversations was people leaving and making changes in their lives for the better.

One gentleman talked to me about two opportunities he has and how he is having a hard time picking between them. His first option is a six month job contract out of state with people and a company he has no idea about; his other option is a work program in state but that he isn't completely guaranteed yet. We discussed the pros and cons of each, and throughout the conversation he talked a little about his life and the past year and what led to where he is now. He is a very private person and I was surprised at how much he was sharing with me but happy that he felt comfortable enough to share his story with me.

Another gentleman spoke about moving out of state because it was easier to get his VA benefits elsewhere. He told me that Atlanta's VA has a long waiting list for housing and help for veterans and that someone else told him that it was easier (less wait time) to get these things in another state. So he talked to me about possibly moving in the next couple of months so he can get housing, a job, and healthcare through the VA.

I hope they are both able to move forward and make positive changes in their lives!

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