Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day 243

My apologies, everyone, for the delay in posting our blog for tonight!

Wow, where do I start... Giselle (our friend), approached us less than three weeks ago with a desire to do a 'cocktails for a cause' event for the American Cancer Society's Hope Lodge, where her grandparents stayed. For patients suffering from cancer, the Hope Lodge hosts and tends for their needs for FREE!

After speaking to the administrative staff of the organization, we just KNEW they needed a little spark from the girls of Project 365. So after several conversations, innumerable emails, and nights after nights of planning we decided to have a Fundraiser for the Hope Lodge.

Tonight our weeks of planning came to fruition! And we couldn't have been more ecstatic with the turn out tonight!

We had lovely little melange of diversity tonight.
We had patients and staff from the Hope Lodge, families and friends of patients, colleagues and co-workers, our close friends and family - all out to support our cause tonight.

Chandni drove all the way out from Milledeville, Giselle took a half day, Raksha from RaRaw Candles cleared her afternoon - and we all came together to put together an amazing event.

And The Nook? They were outrageously understanding and supportive. I've not seen such heart-felt and community oriented group of individuals within one business in a very long time.

Our guests bought drinks, candles, and then donated in addition to that! We'll have a total amount for all of you soon after The Nook reviews their sales report for the night.

I cannot begin to express my gratitude towards everyone that lent us their support for the night. Not only did our friends and family go out of their way to support us, but you all came out with open hearts and open wallets!

This is where we (and I can speak for Chandni) draw our inspiration from. From you. From all of you who continue to inconvenience themselves, and make an unselfish move towards our mission to give back each and every day.

A 'THANK YOU' is probably not enough. But we mean it with the utmost respect and sincerity. Thank you... Thank you... THANK YOU!

RaRaw Candles

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