Saturday, September 17, 2011

Day 260

It has been one of the most difficult days for some of the people I care about and for myself. I really didn't think I would make it out to volunteer but I know that this is no longer just my project and I can't drop the ball now. So today's giving was for the friends and family who have been there every step of the way...

I got to SafeHouse early and there were just a handful of people on the lot. I spent the entire evening sitting in a group with some awesome volunteers and amazing SafeHouse regulars. We talked about so many different things and really just enjoyed the pleasant weather and great company. Conversations included chocolate and cookies, recycling, the personality of inanimate objects, mental illness, business ideas, and the usual joking around.

I ended the night with quick conversations with some familiar faces and then cleaning up the lot and the street with my cleaning partner. He and I talked about music and brainwashing as we cleaned up. He has some interesting views on certain types of music.

Even though I go there as a volunteer, today they gave me more than I gave them. Thank you for the laughter, it gives me what I need to keep going.

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