Friday, September 23, 2011

Day 266

After sitting in traffic (out in the middle of nowhere) forever I made it to SafeHouse!

It was a busy night! The lot was filled with GSU students and volunteers. It was great seeing that many people there having conversations with the individuals there. One of the guys had a new hairstyle so I hung out with him for a minute and he told me about the new look. Once inside, I said hello to lots of people and then sat down with some of the guys.

A younger gentleman talked about his 2year old son and how he wanted to me closer to him and to be a part of his life. We talked about how he could do that. Another gentleman also shared with him the importance of his kids and putting them before anyone else. The younger gentleman listened to the advice and talked about his plans for going back home to his son.

The rest of the night I talked to some of my favorites about all kinds of stuff, we joked around, laughed a lot and celebrated a birthday - it was definitely a fun night :)

98 days to go...

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