Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Day 257

Between work, evening meetings, and feeling a little under the weather, I used for my official giving.

I say official because Dona and I gave back in a different way today. We are working with Project Live Love to help with their Quarterly Live Love event - October 8th. We volunteered at their event in July and this time stepped up to lead a project. There's much work to do and we are really excited to be a part of it. If you'd like to join in the fun this time be sure to visit their site and register (there are a limited number of spots left).

On care2 I went through the click to donate section. I also signed petitions:
  • to help end hunger for Hunger Action Month
  • to keep our drinking water safe
  • to end child trafficking in the US
  • and to help end animal cruelty
The last thing I did today was help a fellow Giver with a special blog he is working on. Over the 9/11 weekend two families, of middle eastern descent, in his community were victims of vandalism. He has asked people to share comments with those families to make sure they know that they are a part of this community and that most people do not condemn them for the horrible 9/11 crimes. Check out his blog and please leave a comment for the victims: 

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