Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 108

I'm back from the beach and was really excited to go volunteer today! I missed it and am happy to be back. Of course I chose to come back and go to SafeHouse. It was a great night to be there! Jeff (a friend of Raksha's who came out to volunteer a few weeks back) came out tonight too and brought barbers - David and Randy - with him!

So I arrive to a group of men lined up at one end of the lot, waiting for a haircut. Once Jeff, David, and Randy arrived they got straight to work! They were awesome! They really gave each person their attention, the guys were all talking and having a good time - it almost felt like they were at a barber shop!

While people were getting their haircuts I walked around and caught up with all my familiar faces. We talked about the beach, how they were doing, politics, religion, gangs, and much more. I'm glad I got to chat with most of them today and am looking forward to my next visit there.

Jeff - thank you sooo much for getting all this together. David and Randy - the guys were so appreciative; thank you for giving your time today!

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