Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 117

So in light of the tornado watch, and Chandni being out of town... we decided to play Freerice!

I think Lubna started playing this morning, I know this because she got stuck on the word "halo", hehe! Lubna, it's the "ring of light" you see on the top of my head... I'm kidding, she knows that i'm no ANGEL!

My coworker Maliha suggested that we create a group on for our friends to join and for us to be able to keep trach of everything... So we did, and it's called "Project 365"! (Click, Join, PLAY!)

Also joining us tonight is my cousin, Sarah, in Canada, whom I was only able to surpass when she decided to take a break.

I decided to dabble in a little bit of Geography (which ended quickly after I kept forgetting what Ulaanbaatar was the capital of) and Spanish. with just a LITTLE help from Giselle, the office staff, and a few other friends... I donated about a thousand grains of rice answering in the Spanish category ALONE. yeah, i'm brushin my shoulder's off.

So off I go, on my way home... i hope I don't get swept up in the winds!

JOIN OUR GROUP! PLAY with us! And give back in ANY way you can! Sometime's it's just a matter of clicking!

Here's the link one more time, Project 365 on

Happy giving!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Thanks Dona!! I just donated 3370 grains of rice :)
    Hope everyone stays safe wherever you are!!