Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 98

I had an awesome night at SafeHouse again! Didn't make it inside the building...again. I spent all evening on the lot talking to some of the guys and also making some new friends. It started with the gentleman who is spiritual - we talked about the spiritual purpose of various birds...and then before he went inside he said that I would eventually write a book...hmmm...

I talked to the gentleman who volunteers at various places. He gave me some really good news - he got a job! So we spoke a little about that and about his next few weeks of volunteer opportunities. It's amazing how much he does!!

I spent some time talking to a gentleman who comes by most nights, gets his meal, then helps clean up the lot before leaving. He doesn't do it in return for anything. He just does it. So today I got to know him a little bit (as we cleaned) and when I asked why he always stays to clean up, he responded it was just to help out. He's really sweet, very kind, and always has a gentle smile on his face.

Met a couple of other guys today, hopefully I'll see them again next time, and start to get to know them too!

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