Friday, April 1, 2011

Day 91

Raksha and I were running a muck around the city, and we had to stop by the bank to get some cash out for the rest of the evening, Our sweet little teller enlisted us to donate to March of Dimes before we left. We wanted a little time to ourselves tonight, and since Chandni was driving back from Augusta I decided to do a little virtual volunteering Since we're often on - we now receive emails from them periodically. With all the junk I get, I generally (and I'm ashamed to say it) either delete it or ignore it, but for some reason I opened up the email. The email was from World Food Hunger - who brings us, asking us to take their "Emergency Quiz". The organization through their sponsors/advertising company, committed to feeding a child a warm meal for each person that completed the quiz. The quiz only had a few questions on there, but it certainly shed some light on all the different world crisis at hand. I hope you guys can take the quiz with us, it's a matter of minutes and you may just learn something... Click here to, TAKE THE QUIZ and FEED A CHILD!

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  1. Took the quiz, scored 4 out of 5 :)