Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 97

The "plan" was for me to go apartment hunting for the remainder of the day, and work at night. The "plan" was for Chandni to cook dinner for the boys at home and do some volunteering.

Well, then Raksha happened. Sigh, and anytime Raksha happens... we're swept up in this whirlwind of carefree adventure full of laughter!

And we end up changing all our plans to be at SHO!! Yaaaaaay!!

For the first time ever, we didn't make it inside! The church group hosting the night brought an army of volunteers, so there was no need for us to be inside.

We saw a few familiar faces, so we pulled up chairs and sat around talking about everything from The Fabulous Five of Michigan state, cultural differences amongst us, FOOD ( planning a cook out), new volunteer opportunities, music, and so much more!

Although Chandni's generally the one recruiting volunteers for SHO, tonight Raksha brought Jeff. And then she conned, ahem... err... convinced LeBlanc and Vearn from SHO to join our walk for MS on Saturday!

We're slowly nearing day 100! Sunday we hope to have either ice-cream or cake at SHO. We're actually at Cafe Intermezzo right now negotiating terms and prices.

But we will be ringing in Day 100 with drinks and dancing at Sutra (of course).

So join us for the walk on Saturday at Piedmont Park at 9:00am, then brunch someplace close, and drinks later that night!

Thank you for all of your support, encouragement, and kind words of encouragement! You (friends, family, even the random people that share our sentiment and mission...) keep us going!

Happy volunteering!


  1. I am your newest follwer and I truthfully I am not sure how I got here but I am glad I did. I love volunteering, helping, giving back and paying it forward. It is fun to see this blog!

    My girl friends and I just held a fund-raiser for the Ronald McDonald House Charities and raised over $600.00!!