Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 101

After being on the road for two hours I made it to SafeHouse just in time to enjoy socializing before service. I talked to the gentleman who volunteers with some other organizations. Today he cleaned up the flower bed on the lot and talked to me about gardening and what he would like to plant there. He knows a lot about gardening so I am looking forward to what he does.

I spent some time with one of the ladies and we talked about friendships and trust. She also pointed out several people on the lot and told me a little about each person. She had some stories! It's interesting hearing about the interpersonal dynamics that go on outside of SafeHouse. One of the guys I hadn't seen in a while was back today so we got to catch up. He has been looking for a job so we chatted about that and just how he was doing overall. He is really polite and caring and that comes across from his interactions with others.

Overall, a night of great conversations, good catch up sessions, and lots of laughing.

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