Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 116

Chandni and Dona are letting me write the blog today! So here it goes.

Today was another eventful night at safehouse. I dont know what it is
about that place but everytime I'm at Safehouse (SHO) the everyday
hustle that we all have to be a part of, almost diminshes. Today we
met different groups of people from different organizations at
Safehouse that weren't just there to "help", but actually have a
purpose and mission to help bring all the "bad stuff" that goes on in
this world to an end. It made me think about how this world IS filled
with selfless people that our society and our world really needs. I
realized that we all get caught up in this everyday hustle of work,
school, family, friends and relationships, etc. But we forget to see
what some people really have to go through and how we take so much for
granted. I know we've all heard this before and we see it on tv and
our parents preach it to us everyday. But taking yourself out of your
own comfort zone and being a part of something selfless really can
change someones ideology on life and how the everyday "BS" that we
make such a big deal about is not really a big deal when you surround
yourself with people who's needs are greater than yours.

Today, we were inspired by a homeless man... and even though he had
nothing to give us, he offered us words of sound advice and

I think the biggest gift you can give someone, is the gift of giving.
Chandni has given me the opportunity to give back in ways I never
thought would be possible. I admire her in every way and can't be
thankful enough for letting me be a part of project 365. If anyone of
you have just one day to be a part of this project, take advantage of
it. It's something you'll never regret doing.

~ Raksha

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