Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 93

I went back to a very busy SafeHouse this evening. By the time I got there service had begun. The lot was filled with cars and once I made it in I saw the crowd of volunteers in the kitchen and in the main room. It was great seeing that many people come out to volunteer! They had the food packed in boxes, and all the boxes neatly stacked up ready to serve - they are experts at this!

I talked to the gentleman who is interested in the stock market today as well. Today we talked about some interpersonal things - trust and respect between people, helping others, people being genuine, and people being themselves. I also met another individual who talked to me for a couple of minutes about jobs and doing what you enjoy versus doing what gets you a lot of money. He supported the latter for now.

Over the past few months I've really seen the impact SafeHouse has, not just on the homeless, but on the volunteers as well. SafeHouse truly is filling some of the most basic needs for a lot of people, and sometimes its just making someone feel like a person, giving them respect and validating who they are. The staff there are great at this (in addition to making sure each night runs smoothly). I've been able to learn a lot from them and appreciate everything they do! So here's a big thank you to them!

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