Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 107

My coworker, Maliha, covered for us this weekend! And BOY did she do it do it BIG! Maliha brought in 60 middle school students to Global Soap on Sunday and accomplished great things! I've never known GSP to be open on a Sunday, but who could say no to that?? She said they had a wonderful time, and they did absolutely amazingly... But I'll let her tell the story... From Maliha:
"Peace is in my heart... Peace... Peace is in my heart"

Derek at the Global Soap Project taught me along with 60 students this Swahili song after the service project was over. In a large circle we sang, danced, and clapped as we celebrated the work we had done today. We helped create 2,000 bars of soap that will go to Haiti and Kenya. It was not only a great learning experience for me, but 60 other students were able to learn the importance of a little bar of soap that saves lives overseas. After the peeling and mixing and creation of soap, I stopped to have a conversation with Derek. He really does have peace in his heart to do the work that he does. He is a true inspiration. I discussed some of the logistics with Derek regarding the packaging and he mentioned something so astonishing. The bars of soap do not get packaged before they are sent over to Africa because the value of soap is so high that it gets stolen and sold in the black market there. That causes stress on the economy of these countries so to avoid that he sends the soaps in a cardboard box just as we leave them. I respect the thoughtfulness of this entire process. "
~ Maliha

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  1. Thank you for covering for us Maliha, and for doing it BIG!