Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 92

It was a quiet night at SafeHouse this evening and many of the familiar faces were missing. I spent some time talking with the gentleman who is interested in the stock market - we chatted about stock markets in different countries and then about diamonds and construction.

The church group there this evening was a young group and for most of them, their first time at SafeHouse. They were an enthusiastic group and were very organized. They did a really good job serving and interacting with the individuals there. One of the volunteers teared up when she heard one gentleman ask if he could get a plate for his wife (who was outside). When we talked later she expressed that she was humbled to see someone who is going through a tough time still care about the relationships in his life, whereas some people who have everything (material) don't value the relationships in their life. It was great seeing the impact SafeHouse had on her today!

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