Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 119

If you're ever looking for inspiration come hang out at SafeHouse.

I'm finally back in town for a few days so spent some time at SafeHouse. I had one of the best conversations while I was there today. So a bit of background, each night this gentleman comes to SafeHouse. He is very well dressed and sometimes I'll see him sitting in a corner working on his laptop. It didn't fit! I didn't understand why he was there (I thought he was a volunteer the first time I saw him).

He introduced himself to me last week and he told me that he had a business. Again, I didn't understand why he was at SafeHouse. Today he came up to me, shook my hand, and started a conversation. He is an optician who moved to Atlanta two years ago for a fresh start. Life happened and he ended up on the streets (no drugs or alcohol involved). He had a vision for what he wanted out of life, he kept his focus, stayed motivated, and now has his own new business (check out his website birthdaycardstudio). That doesn't mean he's where he needs to be, but he is working on it. He lives in his office and is an entrepreneur who wants to give back to his community (specifically programs to feed children).  He is intelligent, resilient, and humble. And he's an inspiration.

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