Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 105

Chandni's finally taking a vacation!!!! Without us. Which probably makes for a real vacation!

So while our one woman army is recuperating, Raksha, myself, Cynthia (my cousin in Canada), Maliha (my co-worker), and the rest of us will be covering the weekend volunteering shift!

Raksha and I, after an evening of sushi and wine at Ra, arrived at SHO to an amazing scene! We'd setup outside on the parking lot to host our clients and choir. The choir was from a college up in North GA. The women sang with a lot of passion and so well!

The lot was full of regulars, and new people! The new girl was there again today! I saw her first on day 100, and again tonight. I've never met someone so chipper and sweet! She'd got the cutest hair, and the sweetest smile ever!

Raksha helped breakdown and clean-up, while I continued to talk to a friend of mine about the history this country was built upon.

Of course, EVERYONE, asked for and missed Chandni.... But they thought we were equally amusing!

It was a great night!
Raksha and I had a blast with our friends at SHO.

Tomorrow I pack and hunt for apartments, and Raksha has some editing to do; but stay tuned for Cynthia's dramatic tale of how she climbs the CN tower to raise funds for charity.

Trust me. This. Will. Be. Entertaining!

Have a good night everyone! And remember, you can give back in any way, shape, and form... The world presents each individual with a plethora of opportunities to be unselfish (is that the term)... Oooh or... compassionate to another individual without themselves benefiting from the experience. Seize those opportunities, because every moment of it is simply fantastic!

The Choir - picture courtesy of Lablanc
The crowd - picture courtesy of Lablanc

Dona and Raksha

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  1. Thank you guys soooooo much for covering! I hope you had as much fun at SHO as I usually do :)