Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 95

It was a day for freerice and polishing up on my vocabulary. After defining words like ghee, kith, tandoor, geomancy, and osculate I donated 5000grains of rice. While on the freerice website, I learned a little more about where the rice goes to:

The UN World Food Programme works around the globe and Freerice donations are made with no restrictions. This freedom of use allows them to apply the donations to countries that need it most, often those that don't make the headlines in the news, yet where chronic hunger continues unchecked.
Often World Food Programme is able to purchase the rice in the very countries where the beneficiaries are located, cutting down on the transport time to reach the hungry and helping to stimulate local economies at the same time. Here are some examples of where Freerice rice has been distributed:
  • In Bangladesh, to feed 27,000 refugees from Myanmar for two weeks.
  • In Cambodia, to provide take-home rations of four kilograms of rice for two months to 13,500 pregnant and nursing women.
  • In Uganda, to feed 66,000 school children for a week.
  • In Nepal, to feed over 108,000 Bhutanese refugees for three days.
  • In Bhutan, to feed 41,000 children for 8 days.
  • In Myanmar, to feed 750,000 cyclone affected people for 3 days.

In an hour I was able to donate 5000grains of rice, how much can you do in an hour??

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