Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 112

Of course tonight was unlike any other volunteer opportunity brought to Project 365... Go ahead, take a stab at why? 

Anyone say Raksha? Yep! That's why! Lol!

Background: A few weeks ago, Raksha had introduced us to Jeff Coleman at SHO... If you've been reading Chandni's previous blog, this is the Jeff that brought the barbers over to SHO. 

Raksha and Jeff told us a little bit about a fundraising event they were organizing to raise funds for The Atlanta Women's Shelter and CHOICES (Center Helping Obesity In Children End Successfully).

By the time they'd done telling us about the upcoming event, LaBlanc and I found our selves MC'ing!

After weeks of planning, running last minute errands, writing out a script, throwing the script out the window... The event was successful!

There was a wonderful African dance ensemble that put Beyonce to shame... They had the entire crown tap pin on tables and glasses, like we were part of the cast on Stomp!

LaBlanc did a Fabulous job hosting the awards and saving our presentation every time I decided to go off script! Thanks!

The after party was at... Sutra (hehe... Did you really think we'd be anywhere else?) 
We ran into other part-time volunteers, talked about new volunteering opportunities, and hopefully recruited new volunteers to join our efforts!

Great night. Great cause. Great Friends.
~ Dona

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