Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 10

So it's been another stay in day with all the snow and ice! Once again, this meant finding ways to give from home. Today, that ended up being saving Japan dolphins by letter writing and signing petitions. Raksha told me about this worthy cause through Ribbon Naturals - and the Save Japan Dolphins site - Part of their mission is to stop fishermen in Taiji, Japan from herding dolphins to cull the most appealing for sale to zoos and aquariums, while the rest are slaughtered (if you've watched The Cove - this is the same place). It's really easy to help out, just click on the above links and you'll be able to sign the petition to stop dolphin slaughter.

Also helped feed the hungry through - 7000 grains of rice donated today!

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  1. Here are two volunteer opportunities I found. The Hillside one a friend of mine actually participated in.

    Just some ideas! :)