Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 24

Lately the lots at SafeHouse have been clearing out a little faster than I had initially seen, but tonight was a good social night (maybe because of the good food and slightly warmer weather!). Everyone stayed around for a while and I got to talk to several people. I saw the gentleman from a couple weeks ago who was supposed to tell me his reason for moving to Atlanta. He was surprised that I remembered the conversation. We still didn't get to that story though because he had to get to the shelter on time. He says he'll tell me next time.

I also hung out with another elderly gentleman who I met yesterday. He is soft spoken and kind. It was good to see him back, he's one of those people that seems to just be content, despite whatever else is going on. Hopefully see him again soon!

So it was another wonderful night, there was good food (thanks to this awesome group of volunteers), good people (inside and outside), and good music (courtesy of the talented staff/volunteers).

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