Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 6

I had such a wonderful time at SafeHouse today! There was a church group there to do a service and give out the food. During the service I looked around to see what people were doing: some were napping, others on their cell phones, some talking, still others walking around, many people listening and nodding their heads, and one elder gentleman rocking and singing with the service. He was so full of energy, had the biggest smile on his face, was waving his arms around and singing along. He was having a really good time! Even when I saw him later on, he had the same big smile on his face, he looked like one of those people who is just content with where they are in life.

I also met another guy who left his home 16years ago to come to Atlanta. When I asked why he couldn't remember his reason. He stood with me for almost ten minutes just trying to remember his reason for moving. He promises to tell me next time.

Another person I'd like to mention...this guy used to be homeless and now helps out at SafeHouse when he can. He talked to me a little about his past and his family. He is a very talented person and also very insightful. One thing he said that stuck with me...sometimes you have to go backward before you can go forward. For him, that meant dealing with things from his past before he could let go of it and start to believe in himself again. And once he did that he was able to turn his life into what he wanted it to be.

Last thing I'd like to say tonight - if you're free tomorrow after 530pm come down to SafeHouse! I'll be there and I know they need some extra help tomorrow. The address is: 89 Ellis Street, Atlanta. Hope to see some of you there!!


  1. Ill be there... lol.. unfortunately not.. Chandan, you are doing a terrific job here, well done... maybe one day ill be able to join you... Keep it up...

  2. I'll be there to help... hopefully... Good to see you going strong with this.. and definitely you're doing a great job, inspiring others to be more helpful to their society.. keep it up!!

  3. Awww thank you guys!!!! And thank you for the support!! You both know there are days when that's what keeps me going!