Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 9

Today's giving was a little different from what I had in mind, but sometimes you just have to be flexible and creative :)

So I was planning to go to SafeHouse today but with the weather we have in Atlanta, SafeHouse did not open this evening. As I was driving out of town I kept thinking about what else I could do to give today. I really thought I would have to skip today and just make up the day later on, something I wasn't quite keen on. Then I remembered this from a couple years ago on facebook - freerice ( Freerice is a simple word game. As you correctly answer a question you earn/donate 10 grains of rice. Each correct answer displays an ad at the bottom of the page which funds the purchase of the rice, which is distributed through the United Nations World Food Program. I donated 5000 grains of rice!

So here's a way to give back, even when the weather tries to keep you from giving! For any of you who spend hours playing addictive games, give this one a try and feel good about helping to fight hunger!

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  1. Very creative.. but you missing out on the snow!!!!