Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 14

After being snowed in for 3 (and a half) days, I had been itching to be OUT... OUT of my house and AWAY from the tedious tasks that consume my life!

Joe from Safehouse ( let us know that they'd be open for the first time this week!!

When I finally got there after battling an hour and a half of Atlanta traffic... There was a church group already there with hot dogs, chips, and cookies ready to go. I was a little disappointed with myself, for being late and for not really 'doing' much. Had I been there earlier I could've helped pack the food, or clean...

Stood around while church was still in session, wondering if I'd come out here in vain, when I ran into a Safehouse volunteer. I got a tour, a little bit of history... and some perspective.

He reiterated that they needed me to just be myself and just be available to their clients. Clients. Not Homeless people, or any other derogatory terms that people associate with them, but clients requiring my service.

Phew, so I ventured out into the cold and started mingling with our clients! =)

Tonight I met Craig. A poet and a historian. He asked me to give him four words, and he'd spit out a poem for me using those four words.

I couldn't make it easy for him, so I took about 10 minutes to ask him to string together: distraught, tires, hope, and stars in a logical and beautiful manner.

And he did! I can't recite it for you here, but it was great and you can head to safehouse to hear it for yourself. Now when you give Craig, (oh wait, Lil L4 somethin... Argh. Forgot his nickname) four other words and I hear the same poem, I told him I'd have some words... Lol.

But tonight I walk away with MY poem, and knowing that I serviced Craig, a Safehouse Client.

Good Night!

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