Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 16

What an awesome night at SafeHouse! So the church that was supposed to bring food tonight wasn't able to make it, which meant making a meal for all the people coming by! We made hotdogs, chili, baked beans, and then had coleslaw, fruit, and bagels; made plates for everyone and served them.  It was a very random meal but everyone was grateful and many came back for seconds.

We also got to spend some time socializing - my favorite thing to do there. One person in particular stood out for me tonight. I met her my first night of volunteering here and she was doing really well. She was able to have a good conversation with me. Today, not so much. Our conversation was centered on religion, but her thoughts were tangential. She knew she wasn't doing so good and kept saying she needed to figure things out, but she couldn't verbalize what that was. She also had some delusions around religion and about her own identity. Talking with her today reminded me of working with people in crisis in the emergency room. She's a sweet lady and I really hope she comes back during the day to get some help.

Dona - thank you for coming out today!

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