Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 5

So after being stuck in bed all day recovering from a slight fever I was really excited to get out and go to the Atlanta Community Food Bank. That place is huge! They receive food donations from all the grocery stores, several organizations, and hunderds of individuals. So the warehouse is filled with boxes of food!

We worked on separating meat today. Several food stores sent in frozen meat and the volunteers were tasked with sorting them by type and making sure they were still good (not past their expiry date or not turning some weird colour). We emptied pallet after pallet of frozen meat, sorted through it all, and separated it, then made boxes with different meats to send out to people.

By the end of my two hours there we packed 7843lbs of food! It was intense, but still had a good time helping out.

Oh they have snacks at break :)


  1. Every morning when I get into work, I look forward to reading your posts! Love it! :)