Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 26

I went back to MedShare this evening for a couple of hours and had another good night. Today we did a second sort: going through similar items that were placed in bins (first sort) and boxing them if we had enough. The items we were boxing all came from the IV bins and so we had to be really mindful about the expiration dates. I never knew there were so many different parts and kinds of IV stuff!! We boxed over 35 boxes of IV related stuff! Apparently these items are in high demand in developing countries because people are usually given medications in the form of an IM versus a pill (people are less likely to take pills).

On a lighter note, I also got to stab at these huge dialysis bags (good way to get out some frustration!). They were expired and, because of the fluid, really heavy! So we stabbed holes into them to drain them before we threw them out. Who knew that volunteering tonight would be a stress reliever too!?!

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