Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 11

Day 2 of being snowed in, and we're a little bummed! Safehouse is still closed, as is half of Atlanta. It's become somewhat of an obsession... An amazing one though!

In support of Chandni and her cause, we've all made every effort to not break this cycle of giving. This morning we wake up to a text from Raksha, a close friend of ours, asking what we were going to do?! Last night we rallied more support from Giselle, who gave us a few more options for us to volunteer with. Raksha promises to do a little bit more investigating to see where soaps from a hotel she's connected to goes. A handful of us, are now all playing freerice.com and throwing random, absurd words (like 'homborg') at each other and entertaining each other through what we feel may be menial, but the world sees as a significant effort to give back.

Success? Of Course it is! While one of us may not be physically volunteering at a given location, several of us have logged on to freerice.com to collectively donate bushels of rice to someone in need. I've managed to glance at the website in detail and I leave you with this... and excerpt from a blog off the website itself:


"Marie Anika is Haitian and 8 years old. Her dream of working in a bank is made all the more possible by a meal of beans and rice that she receives at school.

Why? Because providing a meal at school is an incentive for parents to send their children to school rather than send them to work. By providing a meal to Marie, we help her to grow strong physically and mentally, as well as safeguard her education.

Following the devastating earthquake in Haiti one year ago, Freerice players were raising rice for the country to help the people affected by the disaster including girls like Marie.

At the moment, Marie still lives in a tent where her house used to be before the earthquake. But that hasn’t stopped her from going to school or dreaming about the future thanks to the hearty meals she eats everyday in class.

Many thanks to all the Freerice players for the time you dedicate to raising rice while you learn!"


  1. Thank you Giselle, Raksha, Big, Chandni, Dave, and AJ for playing at freerice.com!

  2. Hey guys,

    Here are two sites I just stumbled upon that don't require you to step out of your house... Just a simple click. Keep up the good work!


  3. Thanks for passing that on Aarti!!