Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 8

Dona - dressed for the club (she thought we'd make a stop at Sutra first) in her heels (see picture below) - and I went to the Global Soap Project again. We have way too much fun there - thanks to Derreck - that it's hard to think of this project as volunteering. As soon as we walked in the joking around started, we've only been there once before but he makes you feel so welcome!

Today we spent a lot of time at the machine breaking the soap bars down into a powder (the technical term is spiders). It really looks like snow coming out the machine, and the fragrances from the soap are so much stronger. We also did some boxing, and some salvaging of bars (my OCD kicked in and I had to have perfect rows). Of course, there was the usual music, dancing, laughing, and being extra!

We got to meet a mechanical engineer (from Durban) working with a group from GA Tech to make Derreck a new soap machine. We were so excited to hear about his work and even more excited about what they are doing for Global Soap.

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