Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 12

And on the 12th day of Giving... we're unable to give the way we want to!! Sigh...

The city of Atlanta's shutdown for yet another day due to the snow that we're unaccustomed to! Argh. We find ourselves unable to head over to Project Open Hands or Safehouse, BUT we have recruited more players to Yay! has taken a lifeform of it's own. While the rest of us ( Chandni, myself, and everyone listed from days before) dove right into English vocabulary, Giselle and Tamika (our newest recruit) have taken on the Language and Math categories!

It's SO see each and everyone of you follow and commenting on our blog, liking our posts, reposting our link on your Facebook pages!

Thank you... Gracias... Dhanyavadh... Shukran!!

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  1. hey im addicted to too.. Ive been doing all day since yesterday (= I came across this page on the bottom of that caught my eye...Yes it does involve donating money but if we all can manage to purchase an $8-$10 drink at the club then we can at least manage to donate $10 once..just check it out, only takes 5 minutes(=