Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 124

Exhausted! But making a difference using I enjoyed this opportunity the last time I used it, so gave it another shot and, again, found a fun project.

This time I just focused on one lengthy project involving data entry.

The Blue Frontier Campaign emphasizes marine grassroots (‘Seaweed’) organizing to bring the voice of citizen activists into regional, national and international decision-making that impact our seas, and increase public awareness of the challenges and solutions to threats facing our living ocean from the cascading effects of industrial over-fishing, pollution, coastal sprawl, and climate change.

They have a directory of marine conservation groups in the US which needs to be updated. There are about 1600 organizations in this directory and volunteers are needed to go through and make sure the contact information for each is still current.

I was the first to respond to this challenge and got 14 done...there's still a lot more to do!! So I will be helping them out again tomorrow and hope that some of you will be able to as well  :)

Here's the link to this specific challenge:

Have fun!

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