Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 148

"In 2010 only 12% of 8th-grade African-American males were proficient in grade level math, compared to 44% of their Caucasian counterparts in the same grade. While both figures are well below where they should be, the difference according to race and socio-economics continues to baffle educators and social scientists. 

In response to this crisis, students from the City of Atlanta Centers of Hope have been gearing up for Neighborhood Mathematica with First in Math online math game modules. These modules have allowed students to make great use of their spare time while at the recreation centers or while at home.  Volunteer math coaches were also dispatched to the different centers to help students in their quest to sharpen skills." Read more here.

When a friend of ours invited us to volunteer with the Adamsville Recreational Center this afternoon, we weren't sure what to expect at the Neighborhood Mathematica Competition. What we found were several children ready to go to battle with each other over some Math Problems!

Christine, the host, and DJ K'leel had the kids dancing right off the bat, setting a fun and free-spirited tone to the competition.

The kids were engaged throughout the entire competition, and Kwanza was a wonderful host!

It's refreshing to see the community invest in programs such as this one, when heavy budget cuts are axing down educational programs within public schools.

We had a blast, and can't wait to return!

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