Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day 131

It was a night of unwinding for us tonight!

Friends Of SafeHouse Outreach (FO SHO ... remember this, because we're going to be inviting you every month) met for the monthly 11 for 11 fundraiser at the Sky lounge at the Glenn Hotel!

Tonight's the first night I acknowledged Atlanta's skyline! And Chandni's picture will explain exactly why!
Kenny, Jiten, and Chandni started their nights off with mojito's! While I remained responsible and drank water. We ran into the regular 11 for 11 crew, and saw quite a few new faces! Robert worked tirelessly the entire night to setup his laptop to where he could recruit more people to donate for the 11 for 11 cause.

We mingled, we relaxed, and between the perfect summer weather, the drinks, and the comfy couches ... I almost fell asleep!
But Robert disrupted all that with a little MJ and his MJ moves!

So for those of you who haven't joined us for one of these 11 for 11 events yet, you're missin' out on some serious entertainment.
Rumor has it that we'll be up on the rooftop again the following month!

I hope we can see more of you there!

Good night!!!

The view!!

Great company :)

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