Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 140

So I made it back to SHO tonight, after a very long time!

It'd been a long day at work, but being at SHO tonight certaily made my day better!

There were kids out today! Cute, cute kids!! I finally met Chandni's 2 year old buddy, and hung out with two others.

I think I spent a large part of the evening with them... playing, talking, and listening to them.

We had the luxury of a simple, carefree childhood. At 28 years old, I STILL have my impulsive and carefree moments. In listening to these and 6 year old BABIES, it's obvious that they're exposed to the harsher realities those living in the margins of society deal with. Like police brutality, poverty, and drugs.

Safehouse outreach works to keep kids young and preserve their childhood! And I love it!

i can't wait to go back tomorrow with the rest of the CREW!

~ Dona

I got to see my 2 year old buddy!! He ran up to me and gave me a hug. It made my day that he remembered me :) I also spent time talking to a lot of familiar faces. One gentleman told me about his business - collecting cans to recycle. He then talked to me about looking at life as an adventure, and that each day he goes out to look for cans he has an adventure, because he never knows where he will end up. We had a good time chatting, he is definitely one of those people who has a very positive attitude! Looking forward to more conversations with him. ~ Chandni

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