Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 139

Back to SafeHouse!!!! And it was just what I needed :)

As usual, hung out on the lot and chatted to all the familiar faces. I had been helping a gentleman get in contact with an old friend of his. All we had to go off of was a name and state. Well today we finally found him! I looked the name up on my phone, and gave him the phone number. He called right away and it was exactly who he was looking for! It made my day! He said to me "I didn't even know if he was still alive". The expression on his face, the smile - priceless!

I got to meet someone new today as well. He lost his job a couple of years ago and walked away from an unhappy relationship. He told me that he took to the streets to find himself because he couldn't figure out what he wanted from life. He is still figuring that out. But he also says he's content with life right now. He talked to me about life on the streets and your way of thinking about it...that there are resources (showers, food, train/bus passes) for people who are homeless available in the city, you just have to know about them and how to get them.

Great evening there, fun conversations, looking forward to going back tomorrow!

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