Monday, May 9, 2011

Day 129

SafeHouse was busy today! There were a lot of new faces, which means more people to get to know :)
But I hung out with a familiar face for most of my time there today. He had gone out of town to visit family for two weeks and today was his first day back, so there was lots to catch up on. We talked about his vacation, his family, and about mistakes. He told me he had made a mistake and while there was no way to go back in time and fix it, he could admit his mistake and show, through his actions, how sorry he was. 

I also spent some time talking to another familiar face. He was at SafeHouse yesterday and wanted to chat as I was leaving. So today I made sure to talk with him. We talked mostly about relationships and the difference between wanting to care for someone and wanting to control someone. We also talked about the things he wanted to change in his life and the steps he would have to take to make those changes. He's a good person and I hope he reaches his goal.

Lots of talk time today, looking forward to my next visit :)

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