Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 132

Raksha and I went to SafeHouse this evening, here's her insight on the evening:

It’s funny how inspiration and advice come to me… And it’s always in random moments, from the most unexpected people.

Tonight, I met a business man, who poured his heart and soul into an amazingly creative business and truly inspired me.
He started his business with nothing, less than nothing even… but he had a vision, the passion, and was committed to his dream. 
Although he had no resources, he worked diligently to know everything about his product and market.

With all the resources and networks we have and take for granted, we accomplish so little of what we really can. With dedication and the right mindset, ANYONE can do ANYTHING!

Tonight a client at SHO proved it to me!

I love Safehouse! It’s always a source of inspiration and always keeps me motivated to give back and give more!

Happy volunteering!!!

LOVE ~ Raksha

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