Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 133

I had some good conversations at SafeHouse this evening. And saw some faces I hadn't seen in a while - that made my day!

I met someone new today. He sat down next to me, introduced himself, and asked the usual questions about me - where am I from? am I Indian? We got to birthdays - his is on February 29th (he showed me his ID just in case I didn't believe him). I asked how he ended up on the streets. His response - "I don't like commitment".

He went on to explain that it wasn't just commitment to a person, but also to places, and to jobs. He is the kind of person who likes to constantly move around and gets tired of the same scene. He talked to me about all the different places he has lived in; he's been in Atlanta a few years and has the next city he wants to move to already picked out. He acknowledged that being homeless meant he could move around whenever he wanted to...there were no responsibilities holding him down - a part of me envies that. When he left for the night he said good-bye, because he didn't think we'd see each other again, and thanked me for talking to him.

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