Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 142!

Hands down, my favorite day of volunteering thus far!

Chandni, Faisal, and I have been working for months to organize today's Hoops for Humanity - Basketball Tournament.

And it was an absolute SUCCESS!

The YMCA was an amazing location to host the event! Their courts were splendid, and after a little exploring of my own, I will say that the facility is breathtaking.

All six teams participating throughout the tournament played with a sense of integrity, and much heart! And although there was only ONE team to take home the trophy, every player on that court was phenomenal.

The championship game was played between a team of trash-talkers from Chicago (Bear's team), and a slightly younger team led by Woodward's finest (AJ's team).

The trophy was taken home by "THE JUICE"... And for everyone there who can't tie that name to a team... Yes, it was the squad of red that was lined up against the wall at the basketball court.

Congratulations, AJ and "THE JUICE" on a fabulous and well-deserved win. #7, I don't remember your name... but you were AWESOME!

THANK YOU to EVERYONE that volunteered, played, donated their time and efforts to support Safehouse Outreach and Project 365. We're humbled by your generosity and encouragement, and we appreciate YOU ALL!

Proceeds from Hoops for Humanity will be going to SHO (

I cannot WAIT to do this again... And we will!

Have a good night everyone!

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