Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 62

I volunteered in Augusta this evening. I went to the Salvation Army here which has a soup kitchen every evening. They serve three meals a day to the people staying at the shelter, and in the evenings they open up to anyone else who would like to have a meal there. So I was the only volunteer today, but there were three staff members present (they are always there and two live at the shelter).

I did all the serving today. For the people who live at the shelter (they eat before the doors are opened for everyone else) there was corn dogs and fries. The men ate first, once they left the dining area the women and children ate. The dining room was then cleaned and the "soup kitchen" started. We served rice and a meat and vegetable gravy, along with corn bread. Once everyone was through eating, I helped clean up.

The highlight of my evening: Towards the end of the soup kitchen a family with four little kids came in. The kids were adorable! They kept telling me how much they enjoyed the food and all four of them came back for seconds. I look forward to going back the next time I'm in town!

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