Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 79

It was a quieter day at SafeHouse today. There weren't as many people out on the lot, I'm guessing because of the weather. There were a couple of familiar faces, but most people came in right as the doors opened, and left pretty quickly after.

I got to talk to one of the guys that volunteers at the food bank. He was telling me about the different walks he also participates in and how the distance doesn't bother him (like it does the other participants) because he walks everywhere. We then talked about walking in general and that, in the city, the police keep homeless people walking because they aren't allowed to be in certain places or on private property. This spurred on another conversation with one of the other guys who has some strong opinions about law enforcement in general.

The highlight of my time there today - my new buddy. He's 2years old and has so much energy! I spent the majority of my time chasing him around and playing ball with him. His parents are one of the couples that comes by everyday to help out. He is such an adorable kid and I'm hoping to see him again soon!

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