Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 88

After a longer than normal drive to Augusta, I visited the care2 website to give back through the click to donate section (it's easy to give back even after a long day, so hope you are able to give back today too!) . While there I also signed several petitions related to mining, air toxins, pollution, and stopping preventable diseases.

As I was doing this I saw two blurbs about the difference our "clicks" make:
  • Since Children International became a part of the Click-to-Donate program in 2004, Care2 has sponsored 16 needy children from nine countries -- contributing over $21,000 to their care. 
  • The Care2 community responded quickly to the crisis in Haiti. We have met our goal of raising $5,000 to support Oxfam America's relief efforts through Care2's Click to Donate for Haiti and Butterfly Rewards. The Click to Donate for Haiti is now closed.
It takes just a couple of minutes but our clicks can make a real difference to the lives of those in need! Amazing!

This of course made me want to give back some more, so I went to thehungersite and did all of their click to donate. My last stop was freerice (they have some new words!), where I donated 1,940 grains of rice.

Happy Giving!

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  1. I tried to venture out and dabble in the art category, inspired by my trip to the High to see Dali way back when.... And scored a total of 310 grains of rice.... Fail!

    Moved back to my forte, my vernacular... About 1040 grains of rice later... I'll be starting my day. And I've decided that I'm a little whimsical!

    Words of the day ... Hehe