Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 70

What a great night! Tonight was the 11 for 11 Happy Hour Fundraiser for Safe House Outreach at Buckhead Saloon. Our host Tracie Alvis was wonderful! A lot of people were able to make it out and support the cause so it was definitely a successful event.

Dona and I had an awesome time at the fundraiser and got to meet a lot of wonderful people! Two in particular stood out to me, Dona's friends - Patti and Rawle. They have really made giving back to their community a part of their everyday life. We got to talking and they told me about their cookie business - Tank Goodness Cookies - with the idea being that they deliver the ultimate "warm from the oven" Chocolate Chip cookies (check out the website for more info). As a new company, they've already gone one step beyond and are out making a difference in their community by donating delicious baked goodies to many charitable organizations as well as sending them to our troops overseas. In addition to all that giving, they give their time to organizations around Atlanta through Hands on Atlanta's TeamWorks program. They are an inspirational couple - thank you so much for everything you do and for coming out to support SafeHouse!!

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