Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 85

I think we've been Safehousing for the past 48 hours!

From the Benefit on Friday, we headed to Sutra (of course). I was blogging for the first half of the night, and being rude to just about everyone that came up to me (not intentionally). Sunny Mummaneni, and the boys at Sutra kept calling me out for being on my phone the entire night, but they let up after I told them I was blogging for 365.

Chandni and I shared with Sunny that we wanted to get some of the guys in our social circle to get involved with our volunteering efforts, and that we wanted to organize a charity basketball game with proceeds going to SHO.

In less than 24 hours, he got Kennesaw State University, his fraternity, and the alumni involved in planning this event.

We'd been talking about SHO all day, and by the time we looked back up at the clock it was time to go back to SHO.

The rain had us a little anxious to start the service early because we didn't want our friends out in the rain!

The service went well, and the food was served.

Leblanc had Chandni and I handed out socks tonight, and boy were they needed and appreciated!

Some of our clients didn't have pants! And they'd just pull up their tube socks as far up as they could to stay warm and dry! They don't have the luxury of staying in a cozy, dry apartment or the option of using an umbrella or putting on a trench coat to stay dry.

I hated that we didn't have enough socks all around and decided that we would push for socks any opportunity we got!

So get your socks together people, I'm coming to get them from you!

- Dona

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