Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 67

Working from home combined with this weather made it really difficult to get out and volunteer today. I almost stayed in but then saw links to the blog on my sister-in-law's gmail - that was about all the encouragement and motivation I needed. So I headed to Kashi Atlanta in the evening to go make PBJ sandwiches.

I was at the jelly station today - hadn't done this before, and think I'm going to try stick with the peanut butter next time. Thankfully, most of the jelly went on the sandwich and very little on me - apparently that takes some skills. Most of the volunteers there tonight were regulars, so we all chatted and had a good time. We were talking about Hindu names and some of the volunteers there told me that they were given Hindu names from joining Kashi. I found this intriguing and also learned that many of the Kashi followers also follow Hinduism. One of the volunteers was singing a hymn and knew more of it than I did!

It was a good night, and I'm definitely enjoying it a lot more now that I've gotten to know some of the other volunteers. Looking forward to going back next week.

Punitabhabhi - thank you for giving me the motivation I needed to get out tonight!!

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  1. You are welcome Chandni! Keep up the good work!!