Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 86

Continuing with the weekend trend...I spent the evening at SafeHouse. Met one of the kids that comes by most nights with his mum. He is a hyper 6year old. One of the volunteers from the church group gave him a bag of toys - this made his day! We must have gone through the bag at least three times, looking at every toy each time, and then him picking out his favorites each time. He is really talkative and was telling me all sorts of fun tall tales. He has quite the imagination!

I met one of the ladies who comes by regularly as well. We talked for a bit and both of us said the reason we keep coming to SafeHouse is because we love people! Of course I spent some time just saying hello to some of my other friends. I ended the night by helping hand out shelter tickets and cleaning up the lot. Can't wait to go back in a week!

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