Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 66

I finally made it back to SafeHouse this evening - it had been just over a week since my last visit there and I was really starting to miss it. I started off out on the lot talking to one of the ladies who comes by there everyday. The past several months have been difficult for her, so we spoke about change and being positive and just about giving yourself time. We ended our conversation with a quick chat about the weather and groundhogs.

I also helped some in the kitchen this evening with setting up kool-aid - I've never filled that many cups of kool-aid before! It was a quick and easy task so once I got done with that I was back outside hanging out with people. I saw a couple of the regular guys, they noticed that I hadn't been there in a while so we caught up on life for the past week.

It was good going back! Looking forward to next time!

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