Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 73

I continued the conversation with the gentleman from yesterday at SafeHouse. He talked to me about spirits and recognizing the good from the bad. We talked about religion and spirituality being what each person wants it to be and how we can't always follow what someone else believes. He then told me that something big was going to happen to me this week because I'm becoming more spiritual and starting to see things with my "spiritual eyes". He is a very positive person and appears to be very content. He had a lot of listeners today, from the various groups visiting SafeHouse this week.

I also got to talk to someone I hadn't seen in a while. This is an elder gentleman who is always smiling and when I smile back, he says thank you. He used to be at SafeHouse everyday, but I hadn't seen him for a few weeks. When I saw him at the gate, we waved at each other, but then he looked away, and the expression on his face gave away that something was wrong. I later approached him to say hello, and he had tears in his eyes. I asked if he was okay and he said he didn't want to talk about it. So I talked about some neutral topics. He stopped me, and told me that he was grateful that I was talking to him and that he felt like maybe he should share what's bothering him. We talked for about fifteen minutes and before he left, he promised to take care of himself and to come back soon. I hope he does take care of himself and gets back to reaching the goals he has set for himself.

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