Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 84

Phillip Bray contacted us last week and implored us to be at the SHO Urban Gala tonight. So we obliged.

Chandni, reluctant to leave her friends at SHO, picked me up and we braved through traffic in hopes to get to the aquarium in time to see the dolphins!

Well we got into the ballroom as the band opened up... But at least we got to see the Beluga whales and seals (we think).

The night was lovely! It was filled with music, great testimonials from volunteers at SHO, great prizes... It was a wonderful night.

Our favorite part had to be hearing from all the different volunteers, advisory board members, and executive board members this evening.

In volunteering with SHO for about 3 months, Chandni and I both feel that there's just something about SHO that draws us in. Tonight Nurez Madhany, Paul Breslin, and several other integral members of the organization reiterated just that.

SHO's commitment to serve the community is contagious and we're infected!

Like our local hero, Rez, said tonight, "Love is the answer. Who cares what the question is!"

- Dona

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